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All KETO cakes are made to order so you can experience fresh baked treats.

*All cakes require a 24-hour order in advance.  


Keto Vanilla Cake.                                             
keto Chocolate Cake.
Keto Carrot Cake.
Keto German Chocolate Cake.

Keto Kentucky Butter Bundt Cake.
Keto Chocolate Pound Cake.

Keto Carrot Cake Muffins. (4)
Keto Cinnamon Muffins.(4)

Keto Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffin.(4) 
Keto Lemon Blueberry Muffins.(4)

Keto Coconut Blondies. (6)

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies. (4)

Keto Butter Sugar Cookies. (6)

Keto Vanilla Cupcake. (6 or 12)

Keto Chocolate Cupcakes. (6 or 12)

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